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T-REX presented at ASAP Service Managemement Forum

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Federico Adrodegari, T-REX researcher at the University of Brescia (UNIBS), presented main results about the application cases of the T-REX project at the 11th National Convention of the ASAP Service Management Forum community, November 20-21st 2014 at Bergamo:

Friday, 28 November 2014 12:28

KINE’s Full Service Robot Systems promotional video

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KINE Robot Solutions, one of the industrial partners of T-REX Project, is presenting a new Service-Oriented Business by a promotional video that you can see at:

Oscar Revilla, T-REX researcher at IK4-TEKNIKER, presented the paper “Extending manufacturing towards service-oriented business models: the T-REX technological levers that support this extension” in the 3rd International Conference on Business Servitization ( which took place in Bilbao (Spain) in November 13th-14th, during the Session about Servitization in Manufacturing Settings.

Oscar Revilla Servitization2014

Wednesday, 26 November 2014 08:27

T-REX at the Cambridge Service Week academic conference

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On October 2nd-3th, Nicola Saccani, T-REX researcher at the University of BRESCIA presented the T-REX project during the academic conference of the Cambridge Service Week in Cambridge (UK). The theme for the conference was focused on discussions about new directions is service research.

Federico Adrodegari,T-REX researcher at the University of Brescia (UNIBS) presented the T-REX project in two important italian events (BU-MU 2014 and FabbricaFuturo) with two dedicated seminars aimed to disseminate the results of the survey carried out in the WP1 and the reference framework under development:

Marco Ardolino, T-REX researcher at the University of Brescia (UNIBS) presented the paper “Towards service-oriented business models: a survey of capital goods companies” in the International Summer School AIDI 2014 ( which took place in Senigallia (Italy) in September 9th-12th.

CEN/TC 319 Maintenance - European Committee for Standardization (CEN)

20th Plenary Meeting / 20th October 2014, SUPSI, Manno - Lugano, Switzerland

T-REX liason process to the CEN/TC 319 regarding to Maintenace was finished at October 2014, with the participation of two of the partners, Aitor Arnaiz from IK4-TEKNIKER and Thomas Meiren from Fraunhofer IAO, in CEN/TC 319 plenary meeting at Lugano.

The fourth general meeting of T-REX project, which corresponds to the first year of the proyect, has been organised by Fraunhofer IAO, and has been held on October 14-15th at the Fraunhofer Institute Center in Stuttgart-Vaihingen, Germany, specifically in the facilities of the Centre for Virtual Engineering.Main outcomes from this meeting have been the consolidation of the business models for the three industrial use cases

The rental market is growing—are you?

The American Rental Association projects that North American rental revenues will hit $41.1 billion in 2014, and continue upwards to $52.3 billion by 2017. Are you taking advantage of this growing market?

The returns on rental can be great. Growing the rental channel of your dealership will allow you to diversify your business model and reduce your dependency on large-scale equipment sales—so long as you pay attention to your cash flow and functional needs.

T-REX is now making available to the public its first outcomes from an intensive European survey performed in the period from November 2013 to January 2014 that involved 95 companies across Germany, Italy, Spain and France, mainly focused on the domains of Machinery, Automation and Transportation.

This survey investigates the diffusion of new usage-oriented Business Models and the offering of services in the avobe-mentioned industries.

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