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CIRP IPSS 8th Conference at Bergamo in June, 2016

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We are pleased to inform that the T-REX project is promoting a special session on “The evolution of Product-Service Systems Business Models” at the next 8th CIRP IPSS Conference, in BERGAMO (ITALY), on June 20th -21st , 2016.

More conference infor like topics, special sessions and venue is already available at the web

CIRP IPSS 8th Conference

Nicola Saccani, T-REX researcher at the University of Brescia (UNIBS), presented main results about the application cases of the T-REX project at the 12th ASAP Service Management Forum ( ), on October 12th - 13th 2015 in Villa Reale di Monza (Milan – ITALY).

ASAP-12 Nicola Saccani

Revealing the benefits of closer supply-chain relationships

The T-REX project is sending outdated business practices the way of the dinosaurs by showing how closer cooperation between manufacturers and their clients can save resources and boost productivity. Up to 50% gains have been achieved thanks to real-time equipment performance-monitoring implemented by a Spanish project partner.

DG ProjectStories Intro

To compete in today’s tough market, manufacturers realise they need to look beyond the ‘make things and sell them’ business model. While large companies can afford to invest in new approaches, SMEs often see them as daunting – the potential benefits are uncertain and implementation seems too complex. This is why the T-REX project is developing tools to help SME supply chains adopt new manufacturing practices that reduce the lifecycle costs of capital equipment.

The R&D centre and the computing services company are running a seminar to go further into depth into the most recent technological trends and their application to the business environment. The seminar will comprise talks given by experts, a roundtable discussion and a guided visit around IK4-TEKNIKER´s facilities.

The Basque R&D centre IK4-TEKNIKER and the computing services company Ibermática are organising a seminar devoted to Industry 4.0; it is designed to expand knowledge about the latest technologies geared towards the industrial sphere and its transfer to the business base to be able to drive forward the competitiveness of private initiative.

The session called as “First practical experiences in Industry 4.0” will be taking place on Wednesday 23rd September at the facilities of IK4-TEKNIKER, located in the town of Eibar in the Basque province of Gipuzkoa.

Industry4 0-Ibermatica

We dedicated this newsletter to present the new Integrated Service Platform for ULMA’ s forklift trucks Fleet Management allowing the transition to Short Term Rental (STR) business. This flexible solution is composed of a proprietary forklift datalogger connected via Bluetooth with ESENERGIA’s battery datalogger (also T-REX partner), the latest also provided with regeneration pulse technology to avoid shulphatation, that can communicate collected data to a remote end user software to follow up product performance and to allow Condition based Maintenance (CbM).

T-REX Newsletter Issue4

In the DOCUMENTS section of this website you can also download it:

Six months after the mid-term review, Month 24 General Meeting has gathered again T-REX consortium at ULMA in Oñati, Spain, from 22nd-23rd September 2015, in order to share results and update everyone on the progress made so far towards achieving the project objectives.

T-REX Onati Meeting

The paper “A structured business model typology for product-service systems in capital goods sector” has been presented by Marco Ardolino, T-REX researcher at the University of Brescia (UNIBS), at the International Summer School AIDI 2015 ( which took place at the Monumental Complex of St. Chiara in Naples (Italy) in September 16th-18th. The theme of the conference this year has been: “OEE – Operational Excellence Experience”.

AIDI2015-Marco Ardolino

With the slogan “Innovative Services for the 21st Century” international researchers and practitioners met at the 25th Annual RESER Conference ( in Copenhagen from September 10th to 12th and discussed new trends in service management and engineering. The T-REX project took the opportunity and presented the Service Engineering reference framework, which has been developed in the project. It provides structured approach how to design or redesign services in manufacturing companies.


In the DOCUMENTS section of this website you can download the full paper (in English).

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Forum “Services Engineering”

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Fraunhofer IAO organizes the conference “Smart Services” in Stuttgart on October 21st where up to 200 participants are expected. In particular, the role of service in context of digitization and “Industry 4.0” will be discussed and first solutions from science and practice will be shown by.

Forum Smart Services IAO


Every two years, the prestigious International Conference on Production Research (ICPR) offers engineers and researchers a platform for professional knowledge sharing and discussion. At this year's conference from August 2-5, 2015 in Manila ( ), the T-REX project was honored with an Outstanding Paper Award for their article entitled “Smart services in manufacturing companies” which was written by Hans-Joerg Bullinger, Thomas Meiren and Rainer Naegele, where is introduced T-REX framework for the development of smart services.

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