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T-REX workshop based on New Business Models geared towards Servitization, especially for SMEs. Servitization can also be rated as an innovation of business models in terms of organization capacities and processes used to enhance service-oriented activities. It also addresses the importance of certain strategies and technologies connected to reliability and life cycle assessments, service engineering or advanced maintenance. In the current global economy, industrial manufacturers are under pressure to adapt to a business environment that is undergoing constant changes.

After 3 years of work and study within the project European T-REX, coordinated by IK4-TEKNIKER, in September will see the light a new integrated system for fleets management. ULMA trucks forklift has worked all this time with others centers specialized, universities and companies of Finland, Germany, Italy, France and Spain to remove forward a new solution technology that allows monitor, remotelly, vital parameters to improve the use, maintenance and useful life of the forklift trucks. This system, unique in the market, helps the customers to optimize their productivity, to reduce their costs, increase the security at work and reduce the environmental impact.

The increasing digitization of products and processes is triggering far-reaching changes in business models and the associated organizational systems, networks, consumption patterns and ways of working. This paves the way for a new type of highly IT-based services, the so-called “smart services”, which will offer various new possibilities for manufacturing industries. Due to their high complexity, systematic approaches and methods for their development are required. In response to this challenge, T-REX project produced some promising results that are ready to be used by companies.

On October 10, Fraunhofer IAO organizes an interactive industrial workshop in Stuttgart that discusses smart services and presents selected results of the T-REX project. With more than 30 participating companies, the workshop was sold out within just one week. This indicates that there is a high interest among manufacturing companies when it comes to the role of digitization within product-service-systems.

For more information see: Smart Services (German language only)


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“Industry 4.0: Extension of machinery life-cycle, component re-use and servitization”


Language: English
Venue: Grupo ULMA S. Coop, Oñati (Gipuzkoa), Spain
Date: 15/09/2016
Duration: 10:00 a.m - 14.30 p.m
Price: Free entrance (includes coffee and snack lunch)

In current global economy, manufacturers are under pressure to adapt to an ever-changing business environment. As a consequence, as part of Industry 4.0, new trends are gaining momentum, such as the servitization of manufacturing. The servitization can also be seen as a business model innovation of organization process and capabilities, where service-oriented activities increase. This leads in turn to revise the importance of certain strategies and technologies, such as reliability and life-cycle assessment, service engineering or advanced maintenance.

The workshop, organised by IK4-TEKNIKER and ULMA, aims to demonstrate the feasibility of service-oriented business models, in particular for SMEs, and will include direct feedback from manufacturing companies interested in extending servitization and re-use activities. Part of these activities will take advantage of the results obtained in T-REX project (Lifecycle Extension Through Product Redesign And Repair, Renovation, Reuse, Recycle Strategies For Usage & Reusage-Oriented Business Models).

Read full programme and register now for this workshop here: http://www.tekniker.es/en/industry-40-extension-of-machinery-life-cycle-component-re-use-and-servitization

During last 3 years, T-REX project, funded under 7th framework factories of the future programme, has developed technologies oriented to the extension of machinery life-cycle, component re-use and servitization. Moreover, it has developed a framework and other support tools to facilitate new business opportunities to companies, in particular SMEs.

T-REX Workshop Sept15

These activities are all contributing towards the development of Industry 4.0, in particular with respect to the extension of the manufacturing activities beyond the factory.

This workshop is taking advantage of the results obtained in T-REX and the background knowledge of the participants. Moreover, it also will include experiences from other researchers and practitioners working in these fields, as well as direct feedback from companies interested in extending their servitization and re-use activities. The workshop will have a practical focus highlighting the technological and organizational barriers that appears in the transition towards more service oriented business models.

Please download the T-REX Workshop brochure from the DOCUMENTS section of this website for more information:


Wednesday, 29 June 2016 06:48

T-REX at Frontiers in Service

The annual Frontiers in Service Conference is the most traditional and most prestigious event in service research. This year the conference took place in Bergen (Norway) from June 23rd to 26th, 2016. Only one third of more than 300 submitted papers were accepted and the contribution of the T-REX project was among them.

Under the heading “How smart connected products can drive new businesses” - and part of a rich programme of presentations - Ángel Sánchez and Asier Agirregomezkorta presented the transformation of ULMA Forklift Truck's business model.


T-REX has presented some of its service-related results at the workshop “New Trends in Technical Services” in Brussels on June 16, 2016. The event was organized by EUnited Metallurgy, an European association of metallurgical plant and equipment suppliers.

During last 3 years, T-REX project, funded under 7th Famework Factories of the Future programme, has developed technologies oriented to the extension of machinery life-cycle, component re-use and servitization. Moreover, it has developed a framework and other support tools to facilitate new business opportunities to companies, in particular SMEs.

WORKSHOP - Innovation in business and technologies for increased asset re-use and life-cycle extension (15th September 2016, Spain)

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5th T-REX Newletter released today

The latest issue of the T-REX project newsletter is now available!

We dedicated this newsletter to present Prognostics and Health Management technologies in the field of Industrie 4.0, and particularly concerning the development of new services and Business Models looking for integrated solutions for renovation and repair products and services in order to answer to new customer’s needs. The addressed actions to achieve these goals are presented, together with the networking meeting preceding T-REX M30 General Meeting to contrast T-REX approach with end-users, systems and technology providers, science laboratories and innovation clusters.

T-REX Newsletter Issue5

In the DOCUMENTS section of this website you can also download it:



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