Wednesday, 07 September 2016 09:16

Smart Services in the focus of manufacturing industries (10/10/2016)

The increasing digitization of products and processes is triggering far-reaching changes in business models and the associated organizational systems, networks, consumption patterns and ways of working. This paves the way for a new type of highly IT-based services, the so-called “smart services”, which will offer various new possibilities for manufacturing industries. Due to their high complexity, systematic approaches and methods for their development are required. In response to this challenge, T-REX project produced some promising results that are ready to be used by companies.

On October 10, Fraunhofer IAO organizes an interactive industrial workshop in Stuttgart that discusses smart services and presents selected results of the T-REX project. With more than 30 participating companies, the workshop was sold out within just one week. This indicates that there is a high interest among manufacturing companies when it comes to the role of digitization within product-service-systems.

For more information see: Smart Services (German language only)

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