Industrial objectives

The aim for T-REX is to give support for the transition, in the capital goods industries, from the "traditional" business models to the "new" business model. This objective will be achieved by developing and experimenting conceptual tools, under a triple perspective, i.e. transportation (forklift trucks), machine tools and robot solutions domains. T-REX will develop:

A business model suited for the new landscape that changes the way products are offered and customer relationships managed;
Product design techniques to extend the lifecycle, to foster upgrading and renovation, and to support serviceability;
Service design methods engineering existing services;
Tools for asset Health management, customizable to the industry requirement, and a new lifecycle oriented accounting tool;

The project aims also at showing that applying the new business template/platform a considerable reduction of the lifecycle cost can be achieved. In particular, we aim to show that the new platform may:
i.) Reduce operational maintenance service cost 30%;
ii.) Re-use components 70% depending on the product, and;
iii.) Extend the life cycle of 30% - 80% depending on the product or components.

All of these contribute to reductions in the Life Cycle Cost in the range of 25-30%. Such results can be achieved by achieving at the same time a reduction of the environmental impact of products.