The second general meeting of T-REX project has been held on February 5-6th at BRESCIA University’s facilities in Brescia, Italy. Main objectives of the meeting were to go on with this project management and to present the result of the first task, a survey among European industry concerning to new business models oriented to services.

T-REX Brescia meeting

T-REX has participated in the common workshop of several FoF maintenance projects like iMAIN, Power-OM, SUPREME, EASE-R3, SELSUS or TRANSPARENCY. The dissemination session has been presented at the Industrial Technologies 2014 Conference. http://www.industrialtechnologies2014.eu 

Monday, 16 December 2013 14:17

T-REX project in the news

A piece of news about the starting of the T-REX project has been published on INTEREMPRESAS magazine, a printed journal with a periodical NewsLetter distributed to more than 10.000 companies in Spain. Read the full article here:


T-REX Survey questionnaire is already available in this website. Please read the full piece of news to download the survey document or take part in the on-line survey at the following link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/BKHY5HL.

IK4-TEKNIKER has participated in the a Spanish Industrial forum hosted by the AEM (Asociación Española de Mantenimiento) where Aitor Arnaiz has exposed some hints about the technologies that can enable the servitization business processes at the industry. Attached is the presentation done by Aitor Arnaiz.

The kick-off meeting of T-REX project was held on October 10-11th in IK4-TEKNIKER’s facilities in Eibar, Spain. Main objectives of this first meeting were to set the official start of the project, establish relations between all partners, provide clarification about administrative issues and define the specific work that each participant is going to make in the following months.

T-REX Eibar meeting foto

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