The paper “A structured business model typology for product-service systems in capital goods sector” has been presented by Marco Ardolino, T-REX researcher at the University of Brescia (UNIBS), at the International Summer School AIDI 2015 (http://www.summerschool-aidi.it/) which took place at the Monumental Complex of St. Chiara in Naples (Italy) in September 16th-18th. The theme of the conference this year has been: “OEE – Operational Excellence Experience”.

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With the slogan “Innovative Services for the 21st Century” international researchers and practitioners met at the 25th Annual RESER Conference (www.reser2015.dk) in Copenhagen from September 10th to 12th and discussed new trends in service management and engineering. The T-REX project took the opportunity and presented the Service Engineering reference framework, which has been developed in the project. It provides structured approach how to design or redesign services in manufacturing companies.


In the DOCUMENTS section of this website you can download the full paper (in English).


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Forum “Services Engineering”

Fraunhofer IAO organizes the conference “Smart Services” in Stuttgart on October 21st where up to 200 participants are expected. In particular, the role of service in context of digitization and “Industry 4.0” will be discussed and first solutions from science and practice will be shown by.

Forum Smart Services IAO


Every two years, the prestigious International Conference on Production Research (ICPR) offers engineers and researchers a platform for professional knowledge sharing and discussion. At this year's conference from August 2-5, 2015 in Manila (http://www.piie.org/icpr23 ), the T-REX project was honored with an Outstanding Paper Award for their article entitled “Smart services in manufacturing companies” which was written by Hans-Joerg Bullinger, Thomas Meiren and Rainer Naegele, where is introduced T-REX framework for the development of smart services.

An international Demonstration Seminar of FP7 Project iMAIN – A NOVEL SUPPORT SYSTEM FOR PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE IN FORMING will take place at GORENJE GOSTINSTVO D.O.O. facilities in Velenje, Slovenia (30 June 2015). This is one of the six core FoF projects of Co-FACTOR initiative (http://www.cofactor-eu-project.org/ ).

There you can enjoy the latest cloud based innovations in Condition Monitoring for forming machines and take part in discussions and live demonstrations with end users, machine builders and research experts.

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The clusterisation of activities and results related to Factories of the Future (FoF) projects is a must in Europe. Having this in mind, T-REX has participated (IK4-TEKNIKER and FIDIA) in the impact workshop at Brussels (April, 29th) were global activities to enhance dissemination and exploitation of T-REX and related projects were presented.  



Aitor Arnaiz, head of reliability and maintainability group at IK4-TEKNIKER, presented the latest advances in predictive technologies within the speech ‘Predictive diagnostic technologies in the factory of the future’, as part of the programme of the conferences ‘advanced maintenance in the framework of Industry 4.0’ that were co-located to the first edition of the ‘Maintenance Bilbao 2015’ fair at Bilbao Exhibition Center (May 27th).

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As T-REX has reached its mid-term, results are starting to take the final shape. Therefore a publishable summary has just been compiled and released, outlining 5 main global results that will be further developed during next months. More information available at the .pdf or contacting project coordinator. 

T-REX Publishable summary

The T-REX project (http://t-rex-fp7.eu/) is funded by the European Union and addresses the development of usage-oriented business models in the domains of Machinery, Automation and Transportation. In these business models the sales of the product is substituted by the sales of its usage (e.g. renting, pay-per-use) or its performance or outcomes (e.g. pay-per-performance). This new trend is fuelled by an increased emphasis on the service business in capital goods industries.

Consequently, the T-REX project will promote the development of integrated Product-Service Systems (PSS) and business solutions: a shift from value in exchange to value in use to satisfy customer needs. Companies and supply chains should focus on reducing the Total Cost of Ownership of the PSS and extending their lifecycle in order to maximize profits, but also to increase customer utility and the lifecycle value of their offerings.

Data analysis capacities of IK4-TEKNIKER for industrial maintenance are reported in an outstanding article published in the last issue of its NewTek digital newsletter. The technological offering includes Condition-based Maintenance (CbM), Predictive Maintenance (PdM) and simulation (test benches + Condition Monitoring) for health monitoring as the basis to improve companies’ processes and services, and consequently their related business models. Some examples of sucessfull optimization of maintenance strategies in aerospace, machinery and wind energy sectors resulting from IK4-TEKNIKER’s projects are also presented in this article you can access for free via the following link:



Andrea Alghisi, T-REX researcher at the University of Brescia (UNIBS), presented the paper “FROM OWNERSHIP TO SERVICE-ORIENTED BUSINESS MODELS: A SURVEY IN CAPITAL GOODS COMPANIES AND A PSS TYPOLOGY” at The 7th CIRP IPSS Conference, which took place in May 21th-22th (http://ipss2015.emse.fr/) which took place in Saint-Etienne (France).


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