The rental market is growing—are you?

The American Rental Association projects that North American rental revenues will hit $41.1 billion in 2014, and continue upwards to $52.3 billion by 2017. Are you taking advantage of this growing market?

The returns on rental can be great. Growing the rental channel of your dealership will allow you to diversify your business model and reduce your dependency on large-scale equipment sales—so long as you pay attention to your cash flow and functional needs.

T-REX is now making available to the public its first outcomes from an intensive European survey performed in the period from November 2013 to January 2014 that involved 95 companies across Germany, Italy, Spain and France, mainly focused on the domains of Machinery, Automation and Transportation.

This survey investigates the diffusion of new usage-oriented Business Models and the offering of services in the avobe-mentioned industries.

Today Google officially announced they have built their very own prototype self-driving car. It is designed to be used in urban settings at up to 25mph. But what really sets it apart is what it doesn’t have; no steering wheel, accelerator nor brake pedal. It may look amusing and easily dismissed as a novelty prototype many years from production, but take a good look at a technology that in a few short years is going to transform your life and have major implications on your business.

Google car

Besides making the roads safer, the Google team believes its cars could advance society in other ways: “The technology will transform car sharing, significantly reducing car usage, as well as help create the new ‘highway trains of tomorrow.’

T-REX Third General Meeting organised by KINE Robot Solutions Oy at Turku (Finland, 27-28th May 2014)

The third general meeting of T-REX project has been organised by KINE Robot Solutions Oy, and has been held on May 27-28th at the facilities of the Auriga Bussines Centre of Turku, Finland.

T-REX Turku meeting

FIDIA, the Italian machine builder, will be presenting the paper “Innovative use-oriented strategies for renovation and repair in Manufacturing Systems” in the next 9th CIRP Conference on Intelligent Computation in Manufacturing Engineering – CIRP ICME '14 – (http://www.icme.unina.it/ICME%2014/ICME_14.htm ).

The 9th edition of the CIRP ICME Conference (2014) will examine the applications of innovative and cognitive production technologies and systems and related methodologies for decision making implementation, including expert systems, fuzzy logic, neural networks, multi agents, etc., as well as hybrid systems combining one or more of these techniques as applied to manufacturing engineering problems.

Fraunhofer IAO (Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation) is collaborating with the Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN), the official German body for standardization. IAO has joined to their working group “Green Services - oekologisch nachhaltige Dienstleistungen” with the aim to develop a reference model for environmentally sustainable services in the form of a separate DIN SPEC (an Spezifikation is a pre-standard).



A recent survey of UK manufacturers carried out on behalf of ABB Robotics has revealed that concerns over cost of ownership and lack of experience in implementing and using robots are preventing many companies from investing in robotic automation.

The survey received responses from 221 companies of all sizes, including SMEs. Of these, 134 are not currently using robots, with 65 ruling out introducing a robot in the near future. When asked to specify their reasons, 21 cited cost of purchase and ownership and 38 gave lack of experience as major reasons for shying away from investing in robotic automation.


ABB Limited is launching an online return on investment calculator to help UK small to medium-size enterprises (SMEs) discover the cost and productivity benefits offered by industrial robots. Available from the ABB website (new.abb.com/products/robotics/roi-calculator), the calculator demonstrates how companies can often recoup their outlay on robots within just 2 years through enhanced levels of performance and competitiveness.

III International Conference on Business Servitization ( 13-14 November 2014, Bilbao, Spain), Servitization 2014


Servitization is the process of seeking additional value in propositions to market through services. The addition of service offerings to the portfolio of traditionally product-oriented companies is of growing importance, with innovative new business models underpinning product-service systems. Knowledge-intensive business services (KIBS) and other kinds of advanced business services are increasingly viewed as a vital in keeping manufacturing companies and industrial sectors competitive.  This leads to business models which leverage the development of software, mobile apps and other smart services to create novel value propositions, service-type transactions and payment models.

The University of Brescia (UNIBS) will be presenting the paper “Towards usage-oriented business models: an assessment of European capital goods manufacturers” in the next EurOMA conference (http://www.euroma2014italy.org). The objective of this paper is to empirically investigate the way business models of capital goods manufacturers are configured and the persisting obstacles/driver toward the development of new service oriented business models, based on the findings from the survey carried out in the T-REX project.

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