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Industry 4.0 “Optimization of machinery life-cycle, component re-use and servitization” T-REX Workshop

T-REX Workshop

T-REX workshop based on New Business Models geared towards Servitization, especially for SMEs. Servitization can also be rated as an innovation of business models in terms of organization capacities and processes used to enhance service-oriented activities. It also addresses the importance of certain strategies and technologies connected to reliability and life cycle assessments, service engineering or advanced maintenance. In the current global economy, industrial manufacturers are under pressure to adapt to a business environment that is undergoing constant changes.

T-REX Workshop-Photo

During last 3 years, T-REX project, funded under 7th framework Factories of the Future (FoF) programme, has developed technologies oriented to the optimization of machinery life-cycle, component re-use and servitization; these activities are all contributing towards the development of Industry 4.0. Moreover, it has developed a framework and other support tools to facilitate new business opportunities to companies, in particular SMEs.

The workshop, organised by IK4-TEKNIKER and ULMA, has demonstrated the feasibility of Service-Oriented Business Models, in particular for SMEs, and has provided direct feedback as success stories from manufacturing companies interested in extending servitization and re-use activities. Part of these activities presented the results obtained in the European T-REX project (Lifecycle Extension Through Product Redesign And Repair, Renovation, Reuse, Recycle Strategies For Usage & Reusage-Oriented Business Models).

T-REX consortium plus around 30 basque companies atended to this workshop to discuss and deepen into the tendencies on this issue and to explore the posibilities for the transition to such these new business models, most of them focused on manufacture service-oriented new products.

You can check the programme and dowload the presentations in the ‘PUBLIC DOCUMENTS’ area of this T-REX webpage:

or download a file with ALL the presentations of the T-REX Workshop by this link: (20 MB); Use this other link for ALL the presentations plus the introductory videos: (132 MB)


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