Thursday, 25 August 2016 09:26

T-REX WORKSHOP – Innovation in business and technologies for increased asset re-use and life-cycle extension (in Oñati – SPAIN, 15th September 2016)

During last 3 years, T-REX project, funded under 7th framework factories of the future programme, has developed technologies oriented to the extension of machinery life-cycle, component re-use and servitization. Moreover, it has developed a framework and other support tools to facilitate new business opportunities to companies, in particular SMEs.

T-REX Workshop Sept15

These activities are all contributing towards the development of Industry 4.0, in particular with respect to the extension of the manufacturing activities beyond the factory.

This workshop is taking advantage of the results obtained in T-REX and the background knowledge of the participants. Moreover, it also will include experiences from other researchers and practitioners working in these fields, as well as direct feedback from companies interested in extending their servitization and re-use activities. The workshop will have a practical focus highlighting the technological and organizational barriers that appears in the transition towards more service oriented business models.

Please download the T-REX Workshop brochure from the DOCUMENTS section of this website for more information:

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